Sunday, 24 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 340

We're home after a lovely time in London with Mindy, Paul and their boys. I'll update tomorrow.

I have some very sad news from Sri Lanka though - little Wiggle puppy, my boy's namesake, passed away this morning. The temple monks alerted Mo, the Dogstar volunteer, that he had been poorly during the night and although being taken to the vet and put on a drip and given medication, he didn't make it.....

Wiggle was only 9-10 weeks old and was a healthy, chunky little pup. Sadly though, despite being vaccinated last week, he caught parvo.

It costs less than £3 to vaccinate dogs in Sri Lanka against this terrible disease and for more information about how to donate and save the life of another puppy like Wiggle, please look at the Dogstar Website:

Thank you to Sam & Mark at Dogstar and Mo, the local volunteer. Sleep peacefully little Wiggle, we just wish you'd grown up to have a lovely life like the special boy who lent you his name.....

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MELITA (Woof Beginnings) said...

So sorry to read that Little Wiggle has lost his fight for life.
He was a lovely pup.
Run free at the Bridge little one.