Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 346

We've been across the fields this afternoon looking for the river. Sir H stayed at home as he'd already been out earlier and didn't show any signs of wanting to come out!

It's daft really as I've lived here for 10 years but never knew there was a river there, nor found it! But I found out why - calling it a river is a bit of an exaggeration as its more like a stream.

We started our little adventure by going across to say hello to the sheep and lambs that live in the field across the road:

Then made our way across the fields:

Wiggle stopped for a moment, looking handsome amongst the buttercups

As we took a different route to normal, there were plenty of new smells for Wiggle to check out:

After making our way through along the edge of the field and through the trees, we found the water, so Wiggle was straight in!

He found a stick and enjoyed splashing around with that for a while

Of course having found the stumpy stick, he had to run around with it for a while!

Back on dry land, Wiggle led the way through the grass

A quick stop....

My handsome boy

More interesting smells!

Wiggle has had a bath since coming home and is now fast asleep in his bed. We had a lovely walk and days like today remind me how lovely it is here, with great countryside just on our doorstep.

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