Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 343

A bit of a damp day here but that didn't stop us going up to Maude Heath on the way back from going out to buy dog food.

Sir H found some interesting plants to sniff...

While Wiggle was of course running around with his ball!

We did manage to lose the ball but after 10 minutes searching, Wiggle found it - in the wrong area where I was looking! After all that searching, time to stop and have a quick rest:

Meanwhile, Sir H combined a glare with poking his tongue out. He's such a charmer!

Unlike Wiggle, who would never be so rude

One of Wiggle's Twitter friends, Teagan, mentions playing Hoopie. Hoopie is like a frisbee, so I've bought one for Wiggle and will report back soon whether he likes chasing that as much as a ball!

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