Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 326

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Radio 1 Big Weekend so the boys had a nice long walk across the fields in the morning and their dog walker came in later in the day to take them out and feed them. I'm very lucky that they are fine being left and I can have the odd day or night out without them!

Today we've made the most of the beautiful weather and had a walk up on the Downs. As it's been quite warm, we had a shorter walk this morning and then waited until the sun wasn't quite so strong and went out again this afternoon.

Sir H, however, was unimpressed and before long stopped for a sit down...

Wiggle had no time for sitting! As usual, he was having a great time, running around and chasing his ball on a rope

If you're familiar with the Wiltshire landscape, you'll recognise Silbury Hill in the background!

Sir H did walk for a bit, but then decided he was happier laying down.

But even that was too much!

Wiggle, giving me the "throw the ball" look!

Fetching, with rope around his nose

Sir H, showing me exactly what he thinks of such running activities!

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