Sunday, 27 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 38

We've had a lazy sunny Sunday here. As its so warm, Dolly's still not going out and Sir H went back up to bed after his breakfast, so just Wiggle for walkies. We went over to see my parents and Wiggle was his sociable self, giving his paw and watching my dad in the kitchen. Wiggle also found the two giant tennis balls that my mum got and had a play with those before they had to be taken away as he was getting a little too excited indoors!

With Wiggle being a youngster still and needing his exercise I took him to Coate Water on the outskirts of Swindon so he could have a run around and then cool down in the lake. Being a boy, Wiggle was very pleased to see a sign pointing to the Tree Collection!

As soon as Wiggle see's water, he's there, ready to splash around. He has been doing well perfecting his swimming technique and no longer looks as daft as before. He wasn't distracted by the geese and thankfully didn't find anything nasty and smelly to roll in today. The park was busier than when we've been before in the week, but Wiggle was a good boy and didn't raid any picnics, although did need calling back when the smell of a barbecue sent him off course!

Being such a warm day, we decided that an ice cream was in order and shared one back at the car before coming home.

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