Saturday, 26 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 37

It's a lovely warm and sunny day here today so Wiggle had his walk early before it got too hot. Sit H decided to join us so we headed off across the fields. Wiggle had a good time chasing after his tennis ball and despite a few near misses, managed not to lose it. Sir H mostly pottered about, sniffing very interesting blades of grass.

Wiggle has been playing with bubbles in the garden but can't quite work out why they disappear when he touches them with his nose. He doesn't realise that he bursts the strange floating balls.

Wiggle was a perfect homechecking assistant yesterday - he met the resident dog, checked out the garden, found a tennis ball and before long had one of the family giving in to his demands of playing with him and the newly found ball. Thankfully when we left Wiggle didn't steal the ball, although I wouldn't have put it past him!

Somehow, Wiggle has managed to get his tail in the water bowl on the patio. Judging by the grass on his back, I suspect he was rolling around on the grass but got closer to the patio than he intended and ended up with is tail in the bowl. Strange dog.

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