Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 20

It's been a horrid, rainy day here today so only a couple of short walks while the rain wasn't so heavy. I popped into the vets to order more food for Wiggle and left one of his cards there. I then went next door to FullBelly's, the pet shop, and as well as leaving a couple of Wiggle's business cards, I got him a new toy.

It's a Kong Wubba. He was very excited to have yet another toy, but in my happiness at seeing Wiggle so happy, I forgot the flash on the camera!

And after all that exciting new toy play, Wiggle is currently staring at Sir H who is unaware as he is sleeping, stretched out on the sofa. Wiggle is clearly hoping that if he stares long enough, Sir H will wake up and move over......

Alas, Sir H wasn't going to move. So Wiggle just got all cozy instead!

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