Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 13

Wiggle has mail!! When Wiggle first arrived, I asked a lovely lady called Laura to make him a collar. Laura makes beautiful collars and after choosing a fabric suitable for such a handsome chap, she made Wiggle's collar and lined it with silk so it will be more comfortable for his baldy neck. Now Wiggle is spoilt for choice with his collars - the one that Aunty Barbara gave him and now this one. We've had a chat and Wiggle agree's that this collar will be for best, and not for rolling in goose poo or swimming in!

Doesn't Wiggle look handsome (if a little unimpressed!!)

The new collar is a Martingale collar which should suit Wiggle as he does like to pull on the lead. Due to his baldy neck and chest, I can't really use a harness on him at the moment, but this collar will be soft on his neck while enabling him to learn not to pull.

Wiggle has had a bath today and did his usual post-bath boining about. We've been walkies and he met a 1 year old yellow Labrador called Cassie who is also a rescue dog. Wiggle was a complete gentleman and said hello nicely while Cassie's owner and I stopped to chat for a few minutes.

Once again last night, Wiggle proved to be a good boy - I didn't finish work until the evening so he didn't have his dinner until about 8.30pm. Despite being fed later than usual, Wiggle was clean over night. Really makes me cross to think he wasn't fed properly in his previous home. Apart from being so underweight, the excuse of "he messes in the night" makes me so angry.

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