Thursday, 17 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 28 Pics (Skin testing)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what you are doing to the poor boy. Have you thought about diet and holistic approaches? Fresh meat, vegetables, mirroring a diet that any wild dog would have instead of artificial dog food. Try reading "give your dog a bone" (apologies if you are already doing so). Vaccinations, drug use, there is and alternative and a healthy alternative. Suggest you do and stop putting the poor dog through all this distress.

Wiggle said...

I can assure you that Wiggle is not suffering any distress. Quite the opposite in fact - he is now loved, given regualr exercise, human and canine interation, being fed a balanced diet and receiving veterinary treatment for his allergies. Change of diet will not stop his body reacting to the allergens that cause his skin to be sore and itchy.

Marion said...

This is for "Anonymous"
You obviously don't don't know anything about Wendy or the life Wiggle had before coming to her.

His life has improved beyond measure since Wendy took him from his former uncaring owners and she has ensured he has been getting the veterinary treatment he needed.

If you want to have a pop at anyone you should direct your comment at the former owners. Wiggle was left out in the garden because his skin smelled and only had a towel to lie on and no toys.

His quality of life is 100% better now and he is in loving caring home.

So I suggest you butt out and go and find something more useful to do with your time than criticising a wonderful lady who has done something positive and wonderful for Wiggle.

Snow said...

Do you know Wiggle? Have you met his mum? Well I have, and I have been party to many discussions about his condition, and I can assure you that the entire reason for going this route was to AVOID the often knee jerk response of giving a steroid injection which does nothing but mask the problem.

The very last thing Wiggles mum wants is for him to be over medicated or even medicated AT ALL long term, but a change of diet won't help unless the allergy happens to be food related, and you can't know that just from looking at the skin.

Are you seriously suggesting that chopping and changing his diet, would be a solution to a mite allergy? A BARF diet will not solve the issue of irritation caused by contact with the skin.

As for holistic approaches, maybe you should ask them about patch testing - I think you'll find they too require that the allergen be identified before suggesting a treatment.

Minnie-Moo said...

To "Anonymous" - did you read from the start of Wiggle's blog? See where this "poor boy" came from and how he is now living the life he deserved?

I'm a big believer in holistic medicine and food myself and take this route for my own dogs wherever possible.

Having met Wiggle, I can assure you he has gone from a neglected shell of a dog to an extremely happy, well cared for and loved boy and this is all thanks to his foster mum and the rescue. Without these people he would have no chance of being the happy bouncy Labrador he should be.

You only have to look through the photos since he arrived in foster care to see how much he has changed - for the better. His eyes now light up as a Labrador's should and I find the change in him, now he has been receiving the love and attention he required, quite remarkable.