Monday, 21 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 32

Firstly I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has written comments on Wiggle's blog in response to the comment posted by 'annonymous' yesterday. Sadly, I don't think 'annonymous' had read all of Wiggle's blog or they would have seen how much has changed for this boy in the last month.

I first offered to foster Wiggle because I had experience with one of my own and another foster dog with severe skin allergies. I'm fortunate to have fantastic vets with a dermatology specialist who will ensure that Wiggle has access to the best treatment available.

To read a comment suggesting that I am putting Wiggle through "distress" is naturally very upsetting but I am will continue to take advice from my vet who is incredibly experienced in dealing with allergies and I trust completely.

If curing Wiggle was as simple as changing his diet then believe me, I would do that but his allergy is not diet related, it is a contact allergy, as proven by the testing. Yes, the photo's from the testing do look unpleasant but after a couple of hours, Wiggle's skin had calmed down again and he was absolutely fine.

Wiggle is now on medication which in time will stop his allergic reaction. He is on a balanced, controlled diet which is steadily helping him gain weight and soon he will no longer be emaciated.

Wiggle now has more love and affection than he has had in a long time, has the company of other dogs and is enjoying being a dog - going for walks, playing with toys and most of all, being part of a family where he is loved and not shut outside.

I don't normally feel the need to justify my actions when it comes to my own or my foster dogs, but maybe now, 'annonymous' will take the time to read back and make a better informed decision as to the level of care Wiggle now receives.

And on that note, its time for Wiggle's bath.


Mindy Randell said...

Hope you had a lovely bath Wiggle :)As Area Co-ordinator for the Rescue that asked Wendy to take Wiggle into her home and I can't count, but he is one of many that I have asked her to take care of, I cannot thank her enough. I look every day at his blog and the difference I see from the day I personally went to see him so sad and uncared for in his old home, every entry in his blog lifts my heart.  He is happy, he wasn't before, and that says it all.P.S.  Wiggle wheres the photos of your weekend :)Mindy RandellArea Co-ordinatorLabrador Rescue South East and Central

Anonymous said...

What a super blog from a dog!! Wiggle is a lovely boy! We too got a wonderful Lab from Lab rescue south east and central. We loved all the pictures of your Labs, although Lady (our lab) is curious what the green stuff is??? We moved to Cyprus last year and she's only rarely seen it since then!! Needless to say she has adapted wonderfully and has loads of Lab friends here on Labrador Alley!
Keeo up the blog
Wendy, Mike Imogen and Lady in Cyprus!

Bracken said...

Wendy I don't think you have any need to justify your actions to anyone. I think you are doing a fantastic job with Wiggle.
It is easy to criticise when you don't see the whole picture!!

Anyone looking at the photos of Wiggle when he arrived to stay with you and the photos of him now being a "normal" labrador can't fail to see how loved and so much better he looks.
Keep up the good work Wiggle needs you.