Thursday, 3 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 14 - Visit to the Vet

Today Wiggle has been to see the dermatology specialist, Bridget Gregory. He has had a thorough examination and blood samples and skin scrapings taken which will be sent off for testing. At the moment a food allergy cannot be ruled out so Wiggle is on an exclusion diet which I'll switch him over to gradually. Despite being fed 3 times a day, Wiggle has actually dropped 2kg's in weight but this could be partly due to him getting much more exercise than he was before. Ideally, he should probably be around 35kg's but today he was 27.10kg's.

He's had the blood taken from his throat but unlike when my others have been tested, he didn't need to have any fur shaved. Wiggle is much better since having had the Malaseb baths every other day but we're now going to switch to Imaverol which is a 'dip' but in Wiggle's case, I'm to dilute the liquid and sponge it all over him and then it stays on and dries. He's to have this done twice a week.

We also have ear drops for Wiggle's gunky ears and more anti-biotics so his course of tablets will end up being 3 weeks, just to clear any infection.

Wiggle has been booked in for intradermal skin testing on the 17th July. He will have a furry area shaved and different common allergens injected into his skin to see which he reacts to.

Wiggle was very well behaved during our appointment and gave Bridget plenty of kisses and gave her his paw. As Bridget said, Wiggle's treatment is going to be long term and this is still very much the start of Wiggle's journey to getting back to being fit and healthy but I'm sure he will continue to take everything in his stride and with a wag in his tail.

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Minnie-Moo said...

Hi Wiggle, I hope the vets can find out what is up and give you something to help.

I told my mum you had blood taken from your throat and she went a bit pale and said you must be a very brave boy. I think so too. Did it hurt?

Thank you for my six month birthday wishes, I feel all grown up now!


M-M xxx