Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 33

Today's entry includes a few mixed photo's from the last few days - Wiggle and his new best friend, Mac the Trailhound, who Wiggle met at the weekend. Mac was rather taken with Wiggle and followed him around, chased after him while they played ball and generally thought Wiggle was an ok kind of a chap.

After Wiggle's bath yesterday, he had his usual post-bath looning around session. For some reason having a bath flicks the daft switch in Wiggle and he loves running around, playing and being silly.

As Today is Dolly's first Gotcha Day (the day she came home), the dogs all had some extra treats and all showed off how nicely they could sit, patiently waiting their turn for a sausage!

In other news, Wiggle's blog has now received nearly 2,500 page views, which is quite overwhelming really. And once again, thank you for all the lovely comments made in the last couple of days, and especially to Lady and her family, all the way from Cyprus! Your kind words really do mean the world to us, thank you.

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