Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 27

Wiggle has had a very busy and fun afternoon. The weather has been good so we went over to the Cotswold Water Park for a walk around the lake. Sir H and Wiggle were straight in the water although Dolly preferred to keep her feet dry.

The boys were in and out of the water and Wiggle did lots of mad running while Sir H pottered about, checking out the interesting smells. Wiggle seems to have developed a better swimming style and didn't look quite as silly as last time he was in a lake.

Wiggle found a very big stick and spent ages playing - growling at it, carrying it, attacking it and running around like a loon. He had so much fun with his stick that it deserves its own photo entry!

No doubt Wiggle will be unimpressed in the morning when he realises he's not getting breakfast but tomorrow he is off for his skin testing so he needs to be starved. He'll get extra rations after, so he won't miss out completely.

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Tobleronie said...

Can't wait to meet you Wiggle and play big sticks with you.


Toby Randell