Friday, 25 July 2008

Wiggle - Day 36

Wiggle has been having fun down by the river again today. Dolly is rather poorly so not up for going out and Sir H was upstairs and didn't want to come down, so it was just Wiggle and I. Wiggle wasn't at all bothered to not have his canine companions and did lots of running and chasing after his ball. He had a splash around in the river and made some new friends.

Surprise of the day was collecing a parcel from the post office. The very generous people at Danbury Mint sent 3 beautiful Labrador painted plates to be used for fundraising! Once again, I am feeling rather overwhelmed by the support and generosity shown towards Wiggle and LRSE&C.

Here's an example of the plates:

Wiggle will be coming with me this afternoon to carry out his first homecheck. I always take one of the dogs along when I do a pre-adoption home visit but as Dolly isn't feeling go good and Sir H is being unsociable today, Wiggle will be put to work.

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