Monday, 26 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 766

A warm and muggy day here, with stormy dark skies but no storm!

Despite the threatening sky, we were able to walk across the field without getting soaked, so that was good. What was not so good was that I had forgotten to bring a tennis ball so Wiggle and Sofy had to make do with sniffing around instead of playing running games,

It's still very warm though so probably just as well our walk was more leisurely today.....


Lucy the Lab said...

Ooo, look how cute you are, with your ears flapping in the wind!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab (sent by telepathy)

Fernando F. said...

I can imagine the thinking that went through their heads about "where is the ball? what kind of service is this?".
but if it is hot I guess was prudent.

I love those dark skies :)