Friday, 16 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 756

Wiggle has had a lovely surprise in the mail - a card from his girlfriend Lucy the Lab!

Lucy had sent a lovely card after Wiggle sent her a gift and in the card was some of Lucy's fur which Wiggle snuffled...

Wiggle was very enthusiastic in his snuffling and Lucy's fur almost went up his nose!

Thank you Lucy, Wiggle says you're the BEST!!! XXX

Today I've had the day off as we are on our way to Dogstar HQ for the Milton Keynes Big Doggie Do this weekend. We've just called into my parents house so I'm typing this blog entry from their laptop.

The car is packed full of goodies for the Dogstar stall so if anyone reading is in the Milton Keynes area, come along to Furzton Lake as the Big Doggie Do is on all weekend. The event is run by the Parks Trust and there's more information here:

We're hoping the weather is better in the east as its lashing down with rain right now!

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