Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 743

I think Wiggle and Sofy are enjoying their weekend so far.

They started out by doing some sunbathing after breakfast:

Then, while the bed covers were being washed, Wiggle decided he should guard the cushion pad, just to make sure that didn't go in the washing machine!

Next up on their agenda was a trip out to Bradford on Avon. Sofy didn't waste any time and was straight in the water:

As there were a lot of people having picnics along the riverbank, I decided it was safest all round to not spend long by the river, just to avoid any accidental snacking incidents....

We walked on, Wiggle taking the lead:

Sofy follows Wiggle:

Quick rest, next to the river:

Wiggle takes the Riverside Walk:

Through to the field and Wiggle & Sofy were ready to play:


After the near-drowning experience last time we walked along this stretch of the river, Wiggle and Sofy were back on lead, just to be on the safe side!

We spotted a heron on the other side of the river:

Sofy and Wiggle take in the view - the water over the weir:

We'd reached the pub, so stopped for a cold drink for me and some food watching for Wiggle and Sofy, who found the people at the next table eating their lunch was particularly entertaining!

Rest over, we walked back along the canal path:

1 comment:

Fernando F. said...

Sunbathing is a serious business for Wiggle. He might be thinking that somebody is stealing his covers and doesn't want to lose more of his 'property'.
Wiggle and Sofy in the bench-stop if really funny. They look out of their element.
Such a nice day and such a nice walk.
Very nice pictures... again.