Friday, 2 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 742

Wiggle is speaking to Sofy again, after the little incident earlier in the week. However Sofy is now not talking to me....

I was trimming her nails, just taking off a little at a time but Sofy wriggled, just at the exact moment that I snipped and I ended up cutting too far up the nail. Sofy yelped, the nail bled and she has been sulking since.

Wiggle decided to keep his paws safely out of my reach and took to his bed this evening:

While Sofy was keeping me in her sights, no doubt to make sure I didn't go near her with the nailclippers again....


Lucy the Lab said...

BOL, I can sense those clippers coming near me in my sleep!
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab (who gets her nails done at PJ's)

Fernando F. said...

thoughts to the 'human':

Sofy: "you are not catching me asleep"

Wiggle: "I know what you did to Sofy... don't touch me"

Anonymous said...

you gotta be very careful with those clippers...poor Holly got an infected nail because I slipped... she's Ok now but I think it must have been very painful... mind you, it gave her even more of an excuse to stay upside down on her bed!