Sunday, 11 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 751

Next weekend we'll be going to help out our friends at Dogstar Foundation with their stall at the Milton Keynes Big Doggie Do. I had volunteered to make some dog treats to sell for the charity so did some cooking today.

I had two taste testers assisting me in the kitchen and Wiggle was very happy to lick the spoon from the Pilchard Pupcake mix!

Pilchard Pupcakes & chicken muttballs, ready to go in the freezer:

After all that supervising, Wiggle and Sofy had a little rest while I cut the grass but after, they were ready for some playtime, especially Sofy who was boinging with Mr Snake:

A game of tuggy started, which didn't end well for Mr Snake:

Mr Snake is now in several pieces....

And after some serious shredding and whapping, it's safe to say that Mr Snake will not be smirking at Wiggle or Sofy ever again.....


Fernando F. said...

Wiggle's eyes are so expressive while licking that spoon... ssooooo happpyy!

oh no! Mr Snake is in toy heaven!
He was a toy for one dog. with two dogs he didn't have a real chance.

those cookies made me hungry... I'm going for lunch...

Lucy the Lab said...

Look at you, Wiggle... lounging on your bed like a little sultan while being hand-fed spoonfuls of pupcake batter!

I congratulate you & Sofy on the fine job of shredding that BAD Snakey. I'm sure he was a spy for the Trilateral Commission...

Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab XXXX