Monday, 5 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 745

This evening Wiggle was in a chewing kind of mood. And he wanted to chew his small Nylabone, even though it was on the garden table:

After standing and thinking for a few moments, Wiggle decided that if he got close and stretched, he could just about reach the bone:

Got it!

Bone caught - time for some serious chewing.....

Until a split second of carelessness and Sofy gets the bone!

Wiggle didn't mind though as his attention had turned to his blue bone - current favourite for shredding:

Sofy has been a very good girl today. She carried her own lead when we walked to the field this morning. Whenever its time to put leads on, Sofy gets very wriggly and excited and carries her own lead. So this morning, I let her carry on and she walked herself!


Fernando F. said...

Maybe Wiggle was thinking about the legality of grabbing something from the table, and he conclude that he bone was his so no law was suppose to be broken.

Sofy walking herself sounds hilarious.

Lucy the Lab said...

I always want the bone that's out of reach, too, even when there's others laying about. It's a dog thing!
Funny Sofy, walking herself :)
Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab

Anonymous said...

I think all labs would eat directly from the table if they could... took Holly to the beach yesterday evening and she went bonkers as usual! x love the blog x