Monday, 19 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 759

We had had a nice, sunny day today. Sofy started her day with some sunbathing

After I'd finished sorting out washing and the like, we went over to Devizes for a walk along Caen Hill Locks:

Wiggle and Sofy, stopping for a rest:

Two narrow boats coming up the flight of locks:

Wiggle and Sofy with the uphill locks in the background:

A mooring post is just as useful for tying dogs!

The cafe at the top of the hill was actually open so we stopped for refreshments - coffee for me and water for the dogs:

Sofy managed to keep herself parked on the ground and not on the bench, just for a change!

After yesterday's encounter with the stinky pond water, both Wiggle and Sofy had a bath today. They were both still very stinky and Wiggle still has a bath regularly, so they each had to endure the transformation to a sweeter smell.

The post-bath routine includes some chasing around:

Sofy does the chasing while Wiggle tries to keep out of the way!


Fernando F. said...

that's a very nice day.
Sofy look very chocolaty taking the sun.

Wiggle looks afraid of Sofy's attitude about chasing.

Lucy the Lab said...

What a nice walk you had! I see that you & Sofy do the "bum-tuck" run after your baths just like I do!

I love the last picture of you, Wiggle, because I can see you laughing :)

Love, Your Best Girl who loves you,
Lucy the Lab xx