Friday, 23 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 763

This evening Wiggle was in a particularly boingy and silly mood, so rather than feed them and then wait before walking, I took the dogs up to the Downs.

Wiggle ran ahead, as always:

The ball on a rope gave Wiggle and Sofy a good run around:

Sofy, managing to look a little vacant.....

Wiggle just wants the ball but at least Sofy looks like she's woken up!


Wiggle found an interesting sniff and followed it, completely ignoring Sofy and I. Wiggle is the dot in the distance!

Of course interesting sniffs bring on sudden cases of deafness which meant Wiggle ignored my call's....

Being mean though, Sofy and I pretended we were going the other way, which soon had Wiggle in a panic and come running!

All present and correct, complete with the tennis ball Wiggle found:


Lucy the Lab said...

Perhaps that spot you were sniffing so attentively was the best reception for the peemail I sent you this morning?

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Fernando F. said...

Every time I see Wiggle ahead brings a smile to my face... such a cheater.
those two smiling are two gorgeous dogs. they look so happy.

that is synchronize flying since both are in the air... nice picture.

you left Wiggle in Scotland? that is far. I zoom in with a program and I saw pixels, there is no dog there. No wonder Wiggle was complaining he was left behind :)

nice to see the family reunited... after he was abandon to the mercy of the weather ;)