Sunday, 18 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 758

We are home again after our weekend at Dogstar HQ. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Despite the weather not looking too promising, it stayed dry again today and we were nice and busy on the Dogstar fundraising stall. The Doggy Lucky Dip went well, as did the Tombola and Teddy Tombola and Dogstar Deli which resulted in us raising over £370 for Dogstar which is brilliant.

The dogs all had good fun, although I'm not sure Noah would have put fun at the top of his agenda!

Earlier, Mark got a HotDog for Noah but Noah couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted it. No such difficult decisions if you're a Labrador, as demonstrated by Sofy and Wiggle while Mark talks to Noah who was just out of the photo:

Noah needed to check the sossije first, while Wiggle and Sofy watched, hoping Noah would decide in their favour:

Back at the stall, the Doggy Lucky Dip was very popular and a great fundraiser - £1 a go and the dogs dipped for their prizes:

All in all we've had a great time but very tiring and even Sofy and Wiggle stopped for a mid-afternoon rest:


Fernando F. said...

I'm sure Wiggle and Sofy work as hard as they could at being pretty.
Nice to see them side by side sharing a rest.
Noah is looking after his weight. He looks a very slim dog. Wiggle and Sofy don't have those 'problems' because they burn calories running after their ball in the field.

Lucy the Lab said...

Oh, how could Noah even hesitate with that lovely, lovely sossije in front of him.
Sofy & you look so cute snuggling together for a rest.

Yay for Dogstar!

Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xx