Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Wiggle - Day 753

"Please feed us sossijes, ham, pilchard pupcakes, cheese, canape's, meaty muttballs, cookies and all other nommy snacks"


Fernando F. said...

Sofy seems to be pleading for those nice treats but Wiggle seems to be using mental powers to made "the human" hurry up with those treats.

has this picture been Photoshop? I see no saliva dripping from their mouths lone recent picture posted here :)

Lucy the Lab said...

Hmmm.... Where's G Dog with his talented, safe-cracking, freezer-opening paws when you need him?
Love, your best girl who loves you BEST,
Lucy the Lab xox

Heart of Texas said...

They know you are holding out on them. In that fridge is a gold mine of tasty snacks.

Heart of Texas said...

Mr. Shaq & Ms. Shasta could take a tin of treats out into the yard, open it. Eat all the treats and put the lid back on. All without any scratch or tooth marks on the canister. It was amazing to see. I hid and watched them one day. Great teamwork amongst my beloved Labbies ;)