Friday, 30 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 498

Wiggle has been having a bit of a chewy evening.

Started off with the yellow rubber bone....

And then progressed to a nylabone.

Seems they weren't quite right though for the mood Wiggle was in so he had a good rummage around in the toy basket and found a toy that had belonged to Bumpy from a few years back - the dogtoy version of a 'Starbucks' coffee mug.

Before long, stuffing was escaping.....

Then, all of a sudden, Wiggle was looking very pleased with himself!

Chewing and tugging away, Wiggle had managed to destroy the toy!

All that destruction was clearly tiring:

So Wiggle left the trail of destruction.....

.... and took himself off to the sofa!

The remains of the toy have now been cleared away while Wiggle rests.

1 comment:

Teagan said...

BOL humans just don't realise what a tough tiring job it is being a dog.. doing dog things all day long.. chewing is exhausting!