Saturday, 10 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 478

We've had such a beautiful, sunny autumn day here that Wiggle and I decided to go for a walk over at Bradford on Avon. As luck would have it, our friends Ange and Minnie Moo were free so we met up with them.

As soon as he was offlead, Wiggle headed straight for the river:

And before long, Minnie was in the water too, splashing around!

Wiggle was playing fetch, getting nice and wet in the process!

I think Minnie was trying to combine swimming with flying!

Wiggle stuck with swimming and fetching....

Minnie, looking pretty in the sunshine:

Back on dry land, Minnie was only slightly excited at me throwing the ball!

Both Wiggle and Minnie loved running around in the sun, chasing after the tennis ball:

They played nicely, taking it in turns to bring the ball back:

Wiggle, looking pretty fab, bless him!

Although I'm not sure what was going on with his expression here!

More running:

And more fetching:

Happy Labs, each with a ball.....

And each having the best time on a lovely day

Wiggle, still with his ball...

Boingy, black bums!

My handsome boy

Wiggle wanted to get back in the water, so found himself a shallow bit of the river for paddling

Wiggle was hoping I would throw the ball in the river, but he didn't think how steep & deep the Avon is!

Happy faces:

Minnie stops for a quick rest:

While Minnie was waiting for me to throw the ball, her ears were doing silly things - one side:

And then the other side!

Lined up nicely:

And keeping the position while running!

Wiggle was still hoping I'd throw the ball in the river.....

Back in the shallow water, Wiggle and Minnie enjoyed some more splashing

And were joined by a Lurcher girl, but she didn't want to get more than her feet wet!

Wiggle, ready to pounce:

Whipping up the water with his tail:

Concentrating very hard on the ball!

After all that running and splashing, we walked along the canal and stopped at the pub for a coffee while Minnie and Wiggle watched other people eating! We really had a lovely afternoon, with lovely weather and great company.

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