Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 497

This evening, not long after I got home, fireworks were going off. Wiggle doesn't take any notice but Sir H has never been keen on strange noises so took to his bed, with his head tucked in the corner. Thankfully, he's not overly worried, just a little unsettled but I know some dogs can get very scared.

A link to a useful website was posted on Twitter recently, and there's some really good advice on there, including a downloadble mp3 with firework sounds which can be played to get a dog used to the strange noises.

In recent years it's seemed like fireworks go off for a good week or so either side of Bonfire Night itself so we'll be checking for noises before we go out as I don't want Sir H getting scared and Wiggle deciding he needs to worry too.

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