Sunday, 11 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 479

After all that running and swimming yesterday, Wiggle was very tired yesterday and spent most of the evening like this:

Today was a complete change to yesterday and we woke up to grey skies and drizzly rain. I needed to get food for the boys, so on the way back we stopped up at Maude Heath. Sir H was not impressed with the weather and didn't even lie down or roll, preferring to just pootle about

Wiggle didn't care about getting wet and was keen as ever for me to throw the ball:

Sir H found some interesting smells to sniff.

Wiggle didn't have time to stop, he was too busy running around, trying to find his ball!

While I was buying the boys food, I got Wiggle a new toy - a honking pheasant. As you can see, he was wide eyed with excitement!

Wiggle likes his honking pheasant - he can chew it, fling it and make it honk!

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