Sunday, 18 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 486

We've been to Westonbirt Arboretum today for a walk with friends. Wiggle and I got there nice and early as this time of year, Westonbirt gets very busy as visitors flock to see the beautiful autumn colours, especially the Acer collection.

Once we'd met up with Elaine and Freddie & Sid, Lynne with Todd & Snoopy and Amy with Louie, we started our walk round Silk Wood.

Wiggle had his tennis ball while Sid checked out the smells:

Wiggle, kicking up the fallen leaves:

Still running with his ball:

Downhill, ear flapping running:

Sid wasn't hanging around either! Sid has been unwell recently, having to have a nasty tumour removed so it was great to see him with a spring in his step:

Wiggle was still playing while Freddie found some very interesting mud to inspect:

Sid, Freddie and Snoopy:

Wiggle, probably up to no good in the bushes while Freddie, Sid and Snoopy find good smells:

Wiggle, wanting me to throw the ball. Just for a change!

Sid and Freddie go one way while Wiggle comes back to me:

Louie, Sid & Freddie heading along the path while Wiggle goes back to the bushes:

Freddie and Sid stop for a drink.....

.... this is what happens when you have long ears!

Wiggle was way ahead:

But soon back again, waiting for me to throw the ball:

Wiggle does some excellent cornering while Louie pootles about:

Wiggle was oblivious to the lovely colours of the leaves!

In a lapse in concentration, Wiggle lost his ball!

Wiggle & Freddie, with a Springer who decided to come and say hello:

Preparing for the group shot.......

Sid, Wiggle, Freddie, Louie, Todd & Snoopy:

Not one to sit stil for long, Wiggle was running again, having got his ball back:

Todd, bless him, was still waiting....

We love Todd, especially his distinguished, handsome grey features

Wiggle, happy as ever!

Amy had treats and got lots of attention!

Elaine, Amy and Lynne while the dogs wait nicely

After that quick stop, the toys were out and Sid borrowed Wiggle's ball on a rope:

Wiggle was happy to lend a toy and Sid enjoyed himself

Snoopy wasn't doing toys though

Wiggle, sitting and waiting for the ball while the others sniff out the best smells:

Still running.......

Despite all that running, the dogs still had some energy left to concentrate and watch while we went to get coffee!

Wiggle is worn out and I expect the others are too. Sir H stayed at home as he wouldn't have wanted to walk as far as we did but he's been out this evening for a little trundle and is currently having twitchy dreams from his bed....

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LadyBonessa said...

Great Day- pictures tell it all! what a wonderful time you all had-Wiggle you are some handsome boy!
Lady B