Thursday, 8 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 476

Wiggle has been to school this evening but I don't think he was concentrating very hard, despite getting a good night's sleep last night - on my bed!

It's not that Wiggle doesn't know the commands he's been learning, we've been practising and he's been very good. But tonight, he couldn't keep his focus and was getting himself distracted by everyone else!

Wiggle did however enjoy making a new best friend - he became completely obsessed with the chap helping out in the class! Wiggle is normally quite a mummy's boy and even though I had bits of sausage, he decided to ignore me completely and just wanted to be with his new pal.

I'm really not expecting us to pass our Bronze test tomorrow but to be fair to Wiggle, it's still very early days and the test will at least be a good experience for him. Once again though, he's worn himself out and done nothing but sleep since getting home!

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