Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 493

Yesterday was a bit boring for Wiggle as I had lots to do around the house so apart from walks and cuddles, nothing of interest happened as far as Wiggle was concerned. Unless you count stealing a sock from the clothes airer!

Today though, household chores done, Wiggle and I went out. We went to Marlborough for a wander along the high street, making the most of the sunshine. Wiggle got lots of fuss from passers by and when I asked if I could take him into one shop, the staff said yes so Wiggle had more attention!

I stopped for a coffee and Wiggle was very good, sitting patiently, watching the world go by.

After that we stopped on the Downs so Wiggle could have a good run, and run he did!

Once we were home, I decided to do some baking and made the boys pilchard cake. Wiggle was my assistant, licking the spoon after I'd mixed the ingredients:

And being such a help in the kitchen, he also licked the bowl!

Sir H didn't miss out - he got to lick the bowl too:

After patiently waiting, the cakes were ready:

To take their mind off the cakes while they cooled down, the boys went for their evening walk and when we came back, it was time for cake!

Wiggle likes cake:

Super concentration requires a wonky nose!

Some not especially attractive drool was forming.....

The recipe is one I found online and its very easy:

2 large tins pilchards in tomato sauce
10oz self raising flour
2 eggs
milk to mix

Mix all together in a food processor adding enough milk to make a soft cake like consistency (I don't have a food processor so just mash up the pilchards in a large bowl with a fork). Bake in large shallow tray or split into 2 loaf tins (lined with silicone paper or you'll never get it out of the tin) at 160 degrees until firm - just like a sponge cake. I usually find it takes around 30-40 minutes. Cut into small cubes. Will keep in the fridge for up to one week or freeze.


Zed said...

If you need more help in the kitchen...I am willing to 'do the dishes'.

I know that you must crinkle your nose just right or you can't focus.

Kids stick out their tongues & dogs wrinkle their noses. BOL!

Teagan said...

That sounds a whole lot easier than the birthday cake mum made for me last year, and easier to cut into portions too... mmmmm nommy... mum has put pilchards on her shopping list!! Thanks Wiggle!

Wannabe Goddess said...

This sounds fab. Bailey and I are going to give it a try tomorrow!