Friday, 9 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 477

Wiggle has been to school and taken his test, but sadly I have to report that he didn't pass. He failed on only one thing - the sit and wait. Although we had been practising and when we arrived at the class, Wiggle was doing a lovely wait while I talked to Tracey, the trainer, Wiggle only lasted 45 seconds out of the required minute.

Having said that, I am very proud of Wiggle for passing on the other aspects of the test, especially when he's only been to 3 training sessions. I also have to bear in mind that I don't know how much training Wiggle had in his previous life (and bearing in mind his poor health a year ago, I doubt he had much training) so I'm pleased with how Wiggle has done so far.

Another benefit to the training classes is socialisation. Wiggle has always been ok with other dogs, but at times he can be a little wary as he's not keen on dogs jumping up at him so when he meets a new dog, he will often hang back and see how they react to him. When we first went to training, Wiggle was being quite reserved, not really doing much to say hello. However this evening, Wiggle went up to one of the dogs, Maddie, and said hello. He had a sniff, let her sniff him and didn't hide behind me.

Seeing Wiggle more relaxed and confident, is great and hopefully he'll continue to be more relaxed around other dogs in an indoor space. He sits and watches what everyone else is doing and I think he's starting to realise that the other dogs are busy and he doesn't need to worry!

We do have lots to keep working on and we'll keep practising our wait, going back to basics and building up the time and distance from me. Wiggle is capable, he just needs to focus.

This evening, the others in the class were also taking a test and a big well done to Reuben, Freddie, Maddie and Honey for passing their KC Good Citizen Silver test tonight.

Wiggle is now worn out, sleeping soundly on the sofa.....

As Sir H hasn't had much of a mention recently, here he is, practising his alien eyes, from the comfort of his bed:

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