Friday, 2 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 470

Last night was school night for Wiggle. Before we went out though, he found his flashy ball and tried to play with it indoors.....

Wiggle was a good boy at the training class and there were 2 more Labs last night. The others have all been going for weeks and are already working towards their KC Good Citizen Silver, so Wiggle and I are a long way behind!

We need to work on Wiggle's "stay" as despite waiting for nearly 2 minutes last week, Wiggle didn't last a minute! He isn't daft and he know's he'll get lots of fuss and a treat for being good, he just needs to learn that he has to wait until I tell him to move. We're going to practise the wait and hope that we can do better next week.

Wiggle is good at concentrating on me, learning the "watch" command. While each of the other dogs took it in turns to walk around the rest of us, Wiggle was very good and sat still in front of me, watching me and ignoring everything else.

Out of all the dogs in the class, Wiggle is the oldest but I'm hoping he will show that an older dog can learn new tricks!

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