Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 490

Wiggle has a new item of clothing - a special Wiggle bandanna!

As Wiggle goes to various events representing Labrador Rescue South East & Central, it was either a t-shirt for me saying "I'm with Wiggle" or something for the boy himself, so I went for the latter!

As you can see, Wiggle takes absolutely no notice of it and spent some happy time chewing up one of his toys!

This evening Wiggle has been to school - back to our usual group. Unfortunately Tracey was poorly (get better soon!) so Andrew took the class. Wiggle was very happy as Andrew apparently has better treats than me and Wiggle considers him his bestest friend!

We spent some time practising the wait and Wiggle did do better this evening, concentrating on me and sitting still for over a minute. We then moved on to getting the dogs to relax and walk on a loose lead, but as with the others, Wiggle started off pulling a bit. After a while though, he calmed down and was soon walking along nicely and not taking any notice of anyone else.

Wiggle was much more confident again tonight and went up to Honey to say hello and even accepted some licks from her! We had a lot of fun at the end of class when Wiggle and I were walking around the barn with no lead and so was Honey with her owner. As we were going in opposite directions, we passed each other and Honey and Wiggle decided to swap around!

After doing a lap each, Wiggle and Honey were BOTH with Honey's owner, leaving me dogless! It was lovely to seem both dogs having fun, tails wagging and Wiggle not worrying about not being right by my side.

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