Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Wiggle, Sofy, Toby & Beenz!

Yesterday, we spent the evening downstairs in the kitchen so that the noise and light from the fireworks wouldn't be so bad as the upstairs living room as Toby is not at all happy about fireworks.

We could still hear fireworks throughout the evening, in the run up to midnight but all the dogs were settled, Sofy on the dog bed:

Toby on the other bed:

Wiggle went to the bed in the snug:

While Beenz went upstairs to bed!

As the clocks turned to midnight, there was a lot of firework noise, but apart from a little panting, Toby was ok and we all went off to bed at about 12.30. Toby got himself comfortable on my bed and slept through the night, not even waking when I could hear neighbours singing loudly in their garden!

This morning, the fireworks were all forgotten and after breakfast and a post-breakfast nap, we headed off to Wimbledon Common, except it was so busy, we couldn't get parked. Instead, we drove on to Tooting Common which was much quieter!

Toby found a big stick to chew:

While Beenz pootled around at his own pace:

A little, fluffy dog kept on running up to Sofy, so she went back on lead, just to be on the safe side and Wiggle chased around after his ball. Toby was still busy with his stick to join in the group photo:

Back in the car, Toby, Wiggle and Sofy take their places:

While Beenz travels in the back seat....


Carol said...

Fireworks are just awful for our labs here, so glad Toby was okay. What a good time you must be having with all the labs, they all look so happy.

Fernando F. said...

so nice to see them all having a nice first day of the year.