Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Happy 2nd Gotcha Day, Sofy!

Today is the second anniversary of the date that Sofy came to live with us. This evening she has had a night off from her diet and been snacking on some nommy treats and right now, she's curled up on the sofa with me.

Here's a look back at the past year for Sofy, starting with January 2011 and a walk around the village of Lacock:

February, sitting in the sunshine on a chilly day:

In March, we took a day off and went down to Bournemouth where Sofy and Wiggle had a lot of fun at the beach:

April, springtime, watching the sheeps in the field:

May, a windy day, when Sofy lost control of her ears:

June, fun in the sun, with Wiggle and a tennis ball:

July, cooling off, splashing around in the river:

August, trying to look innocent while surrounded by destroyed toys....

September, at the LRSE&C Dogs Party, with Ebble, Bert, Barney and Wiggle:

October, retrieving ball on a rope from the muddy puddle:

November, an autumnal walk with Wiggle along the old railway track:

December, Christmas Day 2011, all the festive cheer was all too much for Sofy....

We do love Sofy, despite her odd shouty moments towards other dogs, her love of rolling in vile, stinky stuff and we hope to celebrate many more Gotcha Day's with our little choccie sweetheart!


Carol said...

Looks like you've had a wonderful year Sofy, Here's to many more years. Such a Happy Beautiful dog.

Fernando F. said...

I think Sofy won the lottery, just like Wiggle. I was worry for a while when 'trial period' was mentioned. But I keep reading about how good she was and I couldn't imagine anything but adoption :)

Lucy the Lab said...

Happy Gotcha Day to Sofy! She's a pretty girl, and enteral ing, too :) Here's to many more Gotcha Days to come!
Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Ray and the Gang said...

Happy gotcha Day Sofy