Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,304

We've had a cold but sunny day here today, so this morning it was still frosty when we went to the field. Wiggle had his ball and just wanted play fetch:

Running around was a good way to keep warm on a cold day!

Sofy was concentrating:

In a team effort, Wiggle watches me, while Sofy watches the ball:

And watching the ball wins!

It wasn't long before Wiggle had the ball again:

Sitting in the sunshine:


Wiggle, waiting for the ball:

Sofy, looking serious:


Carol said...

They sure are good labs, to let you get such good pictures of them.

Fernando F. said...

They look beautiful in that sunny day.
I'm sure they enjoyed the running very much. The place, even though is winter, looks very nice.