Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,312

We caught the last sunshine of the day when we went up to the Downs this afternoon. Wiggle and Sofy had already been out running in the field earlier today, but didn't complain at a car ride this afternoon!

The sun, low in the sky:

Running for the ball, dark shapes in the distance:

Wiggle, chewing while fetching:

Concentrating on the ball - which I was holding!

Sofy was looking particularly alert:

While Wiggle had some slobber and grass in his mouth:

Investigating one of the many mole-hills:

Sofy also found the mole-hills interesting:

Wiggle decided a mole-hill makes a good place to put the ball:

"There's the ball - pick it up and throw it!"

Last little run before heading back to the car:

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