Monday, 2 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,292

Today we went back to Nonsuch Park as Wiggle, Sofy, Toby and Beenz had a playdate arranged with one of Wiggle's Twitter pals, a lovely Labbie named Dougal.

We all managed to meet up in the same car park, at around the same time, so it was all off to a good start. Sofy stayed on lead, just so she could get to know Dougal. Meanwhile, being typical Labs, Toby, Wiggle and Dougal headed straight for the nearest water!

Toby was enjoying getting wet and bounding around:

Here come's Dougal!

Wiggle was looking for his tennis ball:

But Wiggle was looking in the wrong direction!

Dougal decided to turn back and see what Wiggle was doing:

Beenz had a spring in his step, running to the tree's to check out the sniffs:

Toby found a big stick to chew. Toby likes big sticks!

Wiggle, waiting for the ball:

Once everyone had made friends, Sofy was offlead and didn't hesitate in chasing the ball:

Fetching the ball - and a mouthful of grass:

Sofy and Wiggle, happy together with their ball games:

While Wiggle watched Sofy and the ball, Dougal did some bum-tuck running!

Dougal, ears flapping!

We thought we'd try a group photo....

Three out of 5 facing the right way, while Beenz was chewing a stick and Dougal was licking Sofy's ear!

Nope, not all going to stay still at the same time:

More running games:

Beenz was still happily chewing his stick:

Wiggle ignores Dougal - Wiggle only had eyes for the ball!

New friends, playing nicely together:

Last games before we headed to the cafe - rest for the dogs and hot drinks for the humans!

Thank you the Louise and Arran for suggesting today's get together - was brilliant that they all got on so well and had such fun. I'm surrounded by 4 sleepy but happy Lab's!


Fernando F. said...

I think Dougal has an ear fetish. First with Sofy, then with Wiggle.
Nice to see 5 happy Labs doing Lab stuff.

Lucy the Lab said...

I would say that this was a perfect Labbie day! They are all so happy :)

I like that Dougal was whispering sweet nothings in Sofy's ear...

Love, Wiggle's Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx