Friday, 20 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,310

A message from Wiggle:

After yesterdays blog entry, we got to thinking - are there any other relatives of Wiggle out there? We know that he's related to his lovely Lucy, and Millie. And Ruby, who reads Wiggle's blog, is also related.

Here's Wiggle's pedigree on his mum's side:

And here's his dad's side:
We'd love to know of other Lab's related to Wiggle!

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susan said...

Hello Wendy, Wiggle and Sofy,
I was interested to see your request for Wiggle's relatives to get in touch. Our black labrador Max (Freemains Blackthorn) was a grandson of Kupros Master Mariner through his dad, Gallybob Odin. Unfortunately we lost Max three years ago, he had cancer; he is still very much missed. I love reading Wiggle's blog as it reminds me of the fun we used to have with Max. We still have his companion dog, Crispin, who is a Golden Retriever. As he is a rather grumpy boy, particularly now he is older (13), we haven't yet looked for another Labrador, but I expect we will be in touch with LRSE&C when the time comes.

Best wishes to you all,