Monday, 30 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,320

Wiggle and Sofy both love their food. Their love their food lots. They eat their dinner from bowls like this:

Sofy loves her food so much, she eats so fast its almost like she inhales it! This morning I timed her, eating her breakfast in her stainless steel bowl. The time: 24 seconds!

It can't be good to eat so fast, so I'd been looking out for a moulded plastic bowl that might slow Sofy down. At the weekend, I found this:

When Sofy had her dinner this evening, again I timed her. The time: 2 minutes & 38 seconds!

She might actually be able to taste her food now.....


Fernando F. said...

that bowl is a genius invention.
the dog I had a century ago also inhale his food, a characteristic of wild dogs used to eat as fast as possible when in competition to eat side by side with other dogs.
That bowl is amazing.
now, if only there was a human dish that will slow me down when eating :(

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, what a difference. We are gonna try to find one here, as our dogs eat so fast it makes us crazy with worry. Thanks for sharing.

Ray and the Gang said...

I have used that bowl for my foster Labs that are speed eaters for years now. Much less expensive then the Prong Bowl and does the same thing.

Nice thing is that you can find them on Amazon for reasonable prices. Thus I bought 20 2 years ago and give them to adopters of my foster Labs who are speed eaters.

Louisa Fox said...

do you have a link where you got it from? Saul is about as fast as Sophy!

Ray and the Gang said...

The Break-Fasts is considered the premier bowl. Here is a link on Amazon.

have found that the sidstop Slow feed Bowl is just as effective.

One of the main issues to beaware of with fast eaters is Bloat. Having a bowl that will slow them down a bit will greatly help.

An alternative is what I did for years was to just put a can of food in their dish so they had to eat around it (like a whole can of corn). (sort of the short term or poor mans version of the bowls)