Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,294

Wiggle has had a very exciting afternoon - riding a bus, the London Underground and going to Buckingham Palace!

We all went to the common this morning for our walk and play ball games then this afternoon, Wiggle and I went on a little sight seeing trip, starting out with travelling on a London bus:

"I can see the River Thames, but where are we?"

We were at Westmister, on the Westminster Bridge, next to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!

Looking back towards Parliament Square:

Commemorating the Queen's Silver Jubilee - wonder if it will be changed this year for the Golden Jubilee?:

Along Birdcage Walk:

A very brazen London squirrel - it should be glad Wiggle's girlfriend Lucy the Lab wasn't with him!

Buckingham Palace!

The Buckingham Fountain:

Wiggle, waiting to go to Buckingham Palace:

"Hmm... should have told the Queen I was visiting, but I didn't, and she's not home!"

One of the Queen's Guardsmen, standing at his sentry post:

"Lucy, look, the balcony whereWilliam & Kate kissed!!"

The Buckingham Fountain, again:

We stopped for a coffee & Wiggle got some fuss from the ladies at the' Inn the Park':

We walked back to Wesminster Station to get our Underground train back to Sloane Square. Wiggle didn't mind the Underground at all!

Sitting, waiting....

Not bothered when a train goes past:

Back on the bus, on our way home:

Wiggle is well and truly, a Dog About Town!


Fernando F. said...

Wiggle is a peoples dog. So friendly and smart and willing to learn about new places.

Lucy the Lab said...

My cosmopolitan London Correspondent! I can just see us on THE balcony, sharing our kiss...

That brazen (or stupid) squirrel definitely needs whapping! Strutting about in such a rude manner - Pah!

What an exciting trip and it's the Queen's loss for not being at home when you visited!

Love, Your Best Girl,
Lucy the Lab xx

Carol said...

What a great adventure, thanks for sharing.