Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 160

Wiggle is home from the vets. He went off happily with the nurse this morning, probably hoping she would give him some breakfast as he'd not had any at home. As Wiggle was having a general anaesthetic, he had to be starved from 8pm last night.

I collected Wiggle at 3pm and the nurse said he had been a little star, in fact the favourite patient of the day! Apparently he had been taken out for a couple of little walks, the operation had been quick and apart from his now gummy smile, his teeth are all in good condition. The nurse said he came round from the anaethetic quickly and had had plenty more cuddles before I went to collect him.

Wiggle has had some rice and fish for his supper and is now asleep next to me on the sofa. He was a little woeful when he first came home but possibly was upset that his lovely fur had been cut on his leg for the injections!

After a bit more time spent looking woeful on the sofa, Wiggle settled down and is now snoring gently.

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