Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 148

Wiggle and Sir H are both catching up on their rest as I'm working nights at the moment. Thankfully the fireworks seem to have stopped round here so the boys are going out in the dark again. The Puplights have been great in that other people can see us but also as part of where we walk has no street lights, the boys can light the way for me!

As much as I hate it when all the shops have Christmas starting in November or before, I just wanted to mention the very lovely Christmas cards being sold this year to raise funds for LRSE&C


Last year my very own Bumpy featured on the cards and this years cards are just as good.
Sadly no Wiggle cards, but I have a little plan for Wiggle's sponsors but I'll not give the secret away just yet!

Tomorrow we are off to meet up with Mindy, LRSE&C area co-ordinator and her two boys, Toby and Beenz, for a walk at Virginia Water in Surrey. We're hoping for good weather but as regular followers of Wiggle's blog will know, a bit of rain doesn't stop me taking lots of photos of the boys having fun!

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