Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 158

The boys have had another lovely walk, this time at Bradford on Avon. Although the weather forecast said it would be cold, we woke to heavy rain but that didn't stop us meeting up with friends as planned.

Wiggle was soon in the water, splashing around with his tennis ball

Flora joined Wiggle in the water but he was too busy playing with his tennis ball

Sir H was happy to wallow:

We carried on with our walk until we reached the pub where us humans stopped for coffee.

Todd was trying to persuade his mum Lynne that he was starving and needed some of her sandwich

Louis wanted cuddles, despite being rather muddy!

Flora and Bran:

Lynne & Todd, Amy & Louis and Elaine with Freddie & Amber Bassett

Wiggle & Sir H, waiting for us to get going again

Sir H was happy to see his bestest friend, Sophie

After our rest stop we walked back along the canal path, got a bit wet as the rain came down! After getting nicely covered in mud, Wiggle had a bath when we got home

Both boys are worn out now and fast asleep!

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