Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 149

The boys have had a fab afternoon with Mindy and her two Labs, Beenz and Toby. We met up at Virginia Water in Surrey for a sunny afternoon walk. It was cold though, and the water even colder but that didn't stop the boys going in the lake.

Sir H was happy as he found a puddle or two to wade in which kept him busy in between sniffing out sticks. He's never shown much interest in sticks so I have no idea why today he decided to lick them. Beenz and Toby showed him how to catch big sticks though, so maybe there's a chance Sir H will learn!

Wiggle and Toby chased after their ball, in between getting wet and muddy. Beenz had a mad 5 minutes but soon settled back to his usual more sedate pace.

While we were walking a chap pointed out a heron on the far side of the lake. So I took a photo of it!

All 4 boys had a gread time, running about, finding sticks to chew or carry, even if they were more like branches! After one last swim in the lake, it was time to make our way back to the car park where the by now very wet Wiggle and Sir H had their jumpers on to keep them warm for the journey home.

To round of his lovely day, Wiggle has come with me to the pub this evening to meet up with my friend Sarah. As usual, Wiggle said hello to as many people as he could and is now snoring loudly next to me on the sofa...

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