Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 154

This evening I thought I'd try and get started with wrapping some Christmas presents. Wiggle thought he would help me. Unfortunately, his idea of 'helping' mostly involved sitting on the wrapping paper! Sir H stayed out of the way on the sofa but Wiggle decided that as I was sitting on the floor, I must have been sitting there just so he could get extra cuddles.

Wiggle did of course get plenty of cuddles but eventually decided that present wrapping was not as exciting as he had hoped and took himself off to bed. After having sniffed all the parcels thoroughly.

Some lovely news from another LRSE&C volunteer is that our very fab Amanda who runs the Sponsor a Dog scheme has today taken a new foster dog into her home. Until earlier this year, Amanda had been 'fostering' Revel, a very special Chocolate boy. Today, Amanda and Tony welcomed 'home' the very lovely Wesley:

At 12 years old, poor homeless Wesley couldn't be left in kennels while he waits for his new retirement home.....

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