Monday, 24 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 159

Today we've had bitterly cold weather but that didn't stop us going out. I wrapped up warm and took the boys up to the Downs.

Wiggle was playing with his tennis ball

Sir H, in motion!

The boys stopped for a sit down

But Sir H decided to relax a bit longer.....

Everything was going well until I noticed blood on Wiggle's tennis ball. After checking his mouth, I found he had somehow managed to break 2 front teeth! Thankfully we were able to see the vet on the way home and Wiggle is now booked in to go to the animal hospital tomorrow to have the half tooth and other tooth removed. As Wiggle is on the Atopica, his immune system is lowered which makes the chance of infection more of a risk.

Alison, the vet, said that it will be a quick operation under anaesthetic and in the long run, will be the best option for Wiggle. The teeth won't grow back and while the intact tooth is loose, there is chance of an abcess, so after tomorrow, Wiggle will be a gummy boy.

I'll drop Wiggle off at 8.30am tomorrow and then collect him in the afternoon, so will report back once my boy is back home.

Here's Wiggle's poorly teefs:

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