Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 141

I've been out today - shopping for the dogs! I can't say too much at the moment or it will spoil their Christmas surprises, but this year Wiggle will definitely be getting spoilt! We're taking part in the Secret Santa on The Refuge so Wiggle and Sir H will be exchanging presents with our doggy forum friends. I don't like to think how Christmas has been in previous years for Wiggle but this year he will be very much part of the festivities.

Whilst I was shopping, I found a fleecey jumper for Sir H. Didn't want him feeling left out and as he is also partial to a bit of wallowing in the water, he won't get all cold after a wintery dip

Wiggle has got over his sickness and is glad to be back on proper dog food after a couple of days of fish and rice. Unfortunately he's been scratching again so I've put his Atopica back up to 50mg daily after having reduced it to every other day. The dose varies from dog to dog but its likely Wiggle will need to have the drugs daily for another month or two until his body has responded properly and then he can go back down to every other day again.

I know I often thank everyone for supporting Wiggle, but you really do make a difference to getting him to how he is now, so a big Wiggly thank you to Dean, Mark, Jackie, Clare and Christine for sponsoring him.

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