Monday, 3 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 140

We've had a lovely day today visiting our friend Sam in Milton Keynes but once again, I forgot the camera. Doh! However, there will be photo's coming up later in this blog entry of a very special dog....

The boys went to visit the very lovely Marie, aka Grandma Squirrel, Sam's mum. Grandma Squirrel makes fab dog beds for rescues and donated a lovely bed to Wiggle's recent auction. Gracie the Greyhound and Charlie Mouse, the teeny tiny Yorkshire Terrier live with Grandma Squirrel and luckily for Wiggle and Sir H, after we'd had a coffee at Sam's, next stop was a lunch date with Gracie and Charlie Mouse. Wiggle and Sir H were very impressed with thier pate on toast and fairy cake with yoghurt for afters!

Gracie led the way as we all went to their local park for a little walk. The boys had a good sniff around but avoided the river as apart from looking rather cold, it was flooded too after the recent heavy rain.

Then it was back to Sam's for some more coffee but by this time Sir H was a bit worn out so he had a snooze in the car while Sam and I took Wiggle and Noah for a walk in the woods. Sam's other dogs, Winston and Holly had made alternative plans with Adrian, the dog walker so it was just the two boys with us.

By the time we got back, both boys were nice and muddy but happy after their afternoon.

While at Sam's, I caught up with her news about the Dogstar Foundation. There's a link to the Dogstar website in Wiggle's Links. Those of you who know me in the 'real world' will know that until April this year I had Bumpy Jake, my happy handsome blind Black Labrador who came to me from LRSE&C in 2005. Bumpy was 9 and already blind when I adopted him and Sam was with me and Mindy on the day I met Bumpy at the kennels where he was waiting for his new home. For me, it was love at first sight and we had 3 very happy years together before Bumpy lost his life to cancer in April of this year.


Sam was in Sri Lanka a couple of weeks ago and spotted a new dog a the Temple. The Temple Monks care for the dogs and Dogstar Foundation is in place to vaccinate them against rabies and have a neutering programme. Each dog is given a name and the new dog at the Temple is a very handsome and sweet natured black boy who is blind. He's been called Bumpy.

Sadly I doubt I'll ever get to go to Sri Lanka and meet the new Bumpy so I asked Sam if I could do the next best thing - adopt him. Here's the handsome boy:

I'm now sponsoring Sri Lankan Bumpy and have covered the cost of his neutering and will be helping with costs for his care. Bumpy has been checked up by the local vets and vaccinated against Rabies and will be neutered at the next clinic.

Sam said he was very good when he had his vaccination and didn't need to be muzzled. He apparently is, like his namesake, a very happy chap who wanders around, bumping into things and likes to sleep on the steps of the school next to the Temple.

Sam is going out to Sri Lanka again next month so all being well, I will get more news and updats on how Bumpy is doing. There is every chance that being a stray, Bumpy will wander off but hopefully there'll be more news soon.

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